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  Introduction to British and American Cultural Studies (Course 3)

Dr. Robert Craig

Rein Präsenz
3 SWS, benoteter Schein
Gender und Diversität, Unterrichtssprache Englisch
Zeit und Ort: Mi 9:15 - 11:30, LU19/00.09; Bemerkung zu Zeit und Ort: Please note that this seminar does not begin until Week 2 of the semester!

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches
NB. There are 5 Introduction courses in Cultural Studies. Although they vary in content and approach, these are 'Parallelkurse': i.e. they are all part of the 'Basismodul in Kulturwissenschaft'. You are free to sign up for any one of them, and none of the courses will limit your choice of seminars in future semesters.

Modulzuordnung und Zugangsvoraussetzung / Part of modules resp. courses of study:
B.A. Anglistik/Amerikanistik:
Basismodul Britische und Amerikanische Kulturwissenschaft: Einführung Kulturwissenschaft (6 ECTS)

B.A. Interdisziplinäre Mittelalterstudien/Medieval Studies:
Basismodul Anglistik: Einführung Britische und Amerikanische Kulturwissenschaft (6 ECTS)

Basismodul Landeskunde/Kulturwissenschaft: Einführung in die Britische und Amerikanische Kulturwissenschaft (5 ECTS)

Lehramt WiPäd:
Basismodul Britische und Amerikanische Kulturwissenschaft WiPäd (6 ECTS)

Erasmus and other visiting students:
Seminar (6 ECTS)

Voraussetzungen zur Leistungsfeststellung/zum Scheinerwerb:
6 ECTS: Regelmäßige, aktive Teilnahme an Introduction, Klausur am Semesterende

An- und Abmeldung Lehrveranstaltung / Enrollment:
September 1 until October 31, 2023

via FlexNow "Professur für Anglistische und Amerikanistische Kulturwissenschaft" (Students without access to FlexNow (Erasmus) please send an email to robert.craig(at)uni-bamberg.de or carmen.zink(at)uni-bamberg.de.)

The seminar is an introduction to the essential methodological problems, principles, theoretical models, and historical contexts indispensable for 'doing' British and American cultural studies.

We will be exploring the development of concepts and ideas of 'culture', especially in Britain but also in the US, and particularly from the 19th century all the way through to the present day. We'll be thinking about the relationship between power and culture, and also about the ways in which literary texts and other cultural products reflect, critique, and mediate power relations and imbalances within society. In the process, the seminar will explore themes and questions of politics and ideology; mass media and its social and cultural impacts; ethnicity, race, and multiculturalism; and gender and sexuality.

We'll be examining all these topics through the varied and various prisms of literary texts (short stories, poems, and a drama), film & TV, and essays of philosophy and theory.

Learning outcomes, Skills:

To relate in a logical fashion the central themes and problems of cultural studies with literary texts and cultural products, and also to recognize, reconstruct, express and analyse in spoken and written form their mutual relevance. In the first instance the analytical models and special terminology of cultural studies will be established. Following this, basic skills of both a formal and linguistic nature will be developed. The ability of students to communicate and interact in an academic setting will be promoted and enhanced through interactive group projects.

Empfohlene Literatur
With the exception of the play that we'll be reading at the end of the course (Alan Bennett's The History Boys (2004)), all the requisite reading material will be uploaded to the VC prior to each seminar session.

Englischsprachige Informationen:
Introduction to British and American Cultural Studies

Credits: 6

Institution: Professur für Anglistische und Amerikanistische Kulturwissenschaft

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