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Advanced Grammar Usage (C1)


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This course may also be attended by students in the European Joint Master s Degree English and American Studies (Master Module Language Proficiency).

Placement Test for English HaF courses
Only for students who are NOT students of Anglistik at the University of Bamberg.
Placement Test for English HaF courses
To attend English classes, students must take an obligatory placement test before the beginning of the semester. This helps us to place students in the correct level. The placement test evaluates grammar, reading, listening and vocabulary, and must be completed before FlexNow registration closes. Students who do not take the test may not be able to attend English courses this semester.

Description of the Placement Test
There are 100 questions in the test. There are grammar and vocabulary questions as well as reading comprehension questions which become more difficult in the later parts of the test. There are also questions to test listening comprehension. The time limit for the placement test is 60 minutes, but students can submit the test earlier if they have finished.

Test Results
No certificate will be issued for the completion of a placement test, nor can the test be “passed” or “failed”; it is purely for diagnostic purposes. The test results will be posted on the following day on the Language Center website with a score out of 100 and the CEFR level (B1, B2 etc.) you should select for your course(s) . If you have taken a course in general English, you do not have to take a placement test again. If you have taken the Anglistik Einstufungstest, you do not have to take this placement test.

Results of the test are valid for four semesters.

Additionally, students should register in FlexNow (in the section for Lehrveranstaltungen) for Englisch: HaF Placement Test on one of the following test dates:

If you have any questions about the HaF placement test, please contact catherine.irvine(at)uni-bamberg.de for more information.

Advanced Grammar Usage is an in-depth “polishing” course aimed at fostering the grammatical competence necessary for future English teachers, writers, or editors. The course provides opportunities for practice/rehearsal that are geared to helping students navigate the intricacies of advanced grammatical structures: tenses, aspect, mood, irregular verbs etc. Exercises, activities and explanations geared to assisting students identify advanced grammatical errors and areas of interference between English and German in order to foster the linguistic competence students need to make informed judgments on language produced by themselves and others – whether in order to fix a poorly translated website or to explain grammar points in the classroom.

Englischsprachige Informationen:
Advanced Grammar Usage (C1)

Credits: 3

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