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Fake news, conspiracy theories and historical knowledge

Prof. Dr. Christoph Herzog

Rein Präsenz
Zeit und Ort: Di 16:15 - 17:45, SP17/00.13

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches
Die Lehrveranstaltung kann in folgenden Bereichen belegt werden:
MA Turkologie: MA Tr 01, 02, 03: Seminar mit oder ohne Hausarbeit MA Cultural Studies of the Middle East: Phist 2

Since several years fake news and conspiracy theories have seen increasing attention and have been predominantly perceived as a potential threat to open and democratic discourses. While this is undoubtedly true an other question that is lurking in the background is less frequently addressed: How does our (post-) modern understanding of discourses being socially framed and conditioned by social power relations reinforce the difficulty of identifying and effectively debunking fake news and conspiracy theories feeds on what has been called post-truth politics? What are the consequences if the binary opposition that used to inform our understanding of truth and falsehood in historical knowledge is no longer in place? Is the resulting relativity a vicious circle we have to break? Can we? Do we want to? After an overview on the theoretical dimensions of this field, for a more down to earth approach, the class aims to confront the more theoretical questions with practical examples from recent history. While Turkish history is my primary field of specialization, participants may also opt to discuss material and incidents from other areas.

Empfohlene Literatur
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Englischsprachige Informationen:
Fake news, conspiracy theories and historical knowledge

Institution: Lehrstuhl für Turkologie (Türkische Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur)

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