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Sufism in the West

Michael Asbury, M.A.

Seminar, benoteter Schein, ECTS-Studium
Gasthörerverzeichnis, Studium Generale, Englischsprachig, KulturPLUS, Zentrum für Interreligiöse Studien, Erweiterungsbereich, Den genauen Termin erfahren Sie bei Anmeldung. Bitte melden Sie sich bei der Koordination des ZIS für dieses Seminar an.

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches
The main working language for the seminar will be English but participants may contribute to discussions in English or German.

To explore Sufism, often labeled “Islamic mysticism,” in the West, this seminar sets the stage with an historical overview addressing themes like potential instances of shared heritage from antiquity or medieval cultural transfer among Jewish, Christian and Muslim mystics; the shaping of Western perceptions of Sufism from early modern times on, such as through Sufi literature, colonial encounters, and Orientalism; and developments in the West that paved the way for the arrival of Sufism, like the emergence of popular alternatives to traditional religiosity. The remainder of the course will be devoted to discussing the varied forms of Sufism in the West from the early 20th century up to the present, whether universalistic, Islamic or both. In addition to mystical teachings and practices, topics include Sufi adaptations to the Western context, responses to reformist and modernist critiques, and involvement in interfaith dialogue.

Assigned Readings for Part One of the Seminar “Sufism in the West” (27-28 October 2018) Available for Download on the Virtual Campus The assigned readings that will form the basis for discussion during part one of the upcoming seminar “Sufism in the West” (27-28 October 2018) are available for download on the Virtual Campus. Participants are encouraged to do their best to complete all of the readings, but in consideration of the short time period between the start of the semester and the beginning of the seminar, key sections to be discussed are indicated in the seminar schedule, which is also available on the Virtual Campus. Participants are further advised to look for the main ideas within all of the assigned readings, rather than becoming mired and having a detailed understanding of only two or three readings.

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Institution: Zentrum für Interreligiöse Studien / Centre for Interreligious Studies der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg (ZIS)

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Michael Asbury
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